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The Philanthropy212 Podcast

Dec 24, 2020

Michele M. Rebeor is the Owner and Philanthropy Consultant at Michele M Rebeor Consulting (MMRC). MMRC specializes in helping not-for-profit organizations of all sizes enhance their current resources to build more deliberate practices that garner increases in contributions, donor loyalty, and sustainable giving. As a seasoned philanthropic and community engagement professional, Michele helps not-for-profit organizations create strategies to cultivate and build meaningful relationships with donors. 

Michele has also developed niche expertise in women-focused philanthropy, applying a decade of hands-on experience in preparing, educating, and advancing organized aid organizations to effectively establish practices that recognize the significant role and substantial impact women have on the future of philanthropy. Michele also led the Arizona State University Foundation's Women and Philanthropy program.

In this episode…

Women have a history of being philanthropic and recent research indicates that women give more than men—and are happier when giving more. 

According to Philanthropy Consultant Michele Rebeor, the data shows a massive wealth transfer where women will inherit 70% of the intergenerational wealth. What’s more, these women are more likely to put that money into philanthropic endeavors. Because of this (and more), it’s crucial that nonprofits and donor development professionals understand women's transformative role in philanthropic opportunities and how to engage them. 

In this episode of Philanthropy212 Podcast, host Penny Cowden engages Michele M. Rebeor, Philanthropy Consultant at Michele M Rebeor Consulting (MMRC), in a conversation about engaging women in philanthropy. They delve deep into women's role in philanthropy, how dynamic it is to engage women, and strategies for engaging women donors in the right way.