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The Philanthropy212 Podcast

Dec 17, 2020

Paul Kaminski is the Executive Director of the Long Beach City College Foundation. Paul has been working in philanthropy for about 18 years, defining himself as a mission-driven fundraiser. Before joining the Foundation, Paul was the Director of Advancement for St. John Bosco High School and Providence High School. 

In his past, he’s served as the Vice President of Philanthropy for St. Mary Medical Center and the Director of Philanthropy for St. Jude Heritage. Paul was also the Regional Director for Operation Smile in Southern California.

In this episode…

Building trust in philanthropy is one of the key components when creating relationships with your donors and staff that aren’t transactional but transformational. 

But, the problem is many nonprofits either don’t know how to build trust or aren't building the adequate amount of trust needed to see increased donations, staff performance, and retention.

In this episode of the Philanthropy212 Podcast, host Penny Cowden and Paul Kaminski, the Executive Director of the Long Beach City College Foundation, talk about building trust in philanthropy. They discuss the different trust-based relationships in philanthropy, how to develop trust in these relationships, and what to expect from building trusting relationships.