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The Philanthropy212 Podcast

Apr 29, 2021

Katherine O'Donnell is the Co-founder & CEO of OP Creative Communications (OPCC), a communications agency that helps non-profit organizations and high-net-worth individuals optimize their social impact. OPCC also partners with data scientists to assess organizations and create individualized data dashboards that ensure transparency.

When Katherine isn’t in the office, she enjoys spending time with family, being outdoors, creating art, traveling, and studying a wide variety of topics. Some of these include cultural anthropology, human behavior, AI, and more.

In this episode…

Does your not-for-profit organization struggle with high-quality communication with its donors? Or, are you struggling to identify and present the key elements of your organization’s mission and vision? If your answer to either of these questions is an emphatic “yes,” then this episode of the Philanthropy212 Podcast is for you!

Let’s face it: Your non-profit needs fundraising in order to survive and achieve its mission. However, the process of working with donors isn’t always easy, and sometimes the most difficult part of this process is communication. That’s why Katherine O’Donnell created OP Creative Communications (OPCC): to help organizations like yours communicate well with its donors and, consequently, optimize its giving. Want to learn more? 

In this episode of the Philanthropy212 Podcast, Penny Cowden sits down with Katherine O'Donnell, the Co-founder & CEO of OP Creative Communications (OPCC), to discuss the relationship between clear communication and generous giving. Listen in as Katherine talks about why she founded OPCC, how OPCC’s Optimize Giving program helps both donors and non-profits, and the top communication tips that every organization needs to hear. Stay tuned!