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The Philanthropy212 Podcast

Feb 18, 2021

Steven Aguiar is an experienced Full-Stack Digital Marketer. He is the Founder of Good Goes Further, where he helps not-for-profit organizations create and execute a plan for digital growth. Steven is also the Founder of BlueWing, a marketing agency that has helped dozens of clients grow and activate a digital audience.

After graduating from Brown University, Steven oversaw digital marketing transformation at MTV, The Fader, and The Players’ Tribune. In 2016, he launched BlueWing, which has since been certified by Facebook, Google, and HubSpot.

With Good Goes Further, Steven plans to bring the growth marketing expertise he's honed while serving for-profit clients to the world of not-for-profit.

In this episode…

Digital platforms are almost exclusively pay-to-play for traction. As a result, not-for-profit organizations have a hard time competing with their for-profit counterparts. How can not-for-profit organizations reach their relevant audience in the most cost-effective and results-driven way?

Today’s guest, Steven Aguiar, the Founder of Good Goes Further, says it is through a paid digital strategy for brand awareness, email acquisition, and fundraising. Not only does it cost a fraction of what is needed to hire a full-time employee to grow organically, but it also delivers results fast. So how do they create or improve the digital strategy for not-for-profit organizations?

Listen to this episode of The Philanthropy212 Podcast with Penny Cowden and her guest, Steven Aguiar of Good Goes Further. They discuss why not-for-profit organizations should have a paid media strategy, what paid campaigns look like for not-for-profits, and how to kickstart or improve digital strategy.