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The Philanthropy212 Podcast

Nov 19, 2020

Karen Eber Davis is a nonprofit consultant, advisor, and President of Karen Eber Davis Consulting, through which she helps organizations and businesses discover propulsion tools to grow their profits and performance. As a leading authority on nonprofit revenue, Karen helps clients create dynamic partnerships and make an extraordinary impact. 

Karen loves to work with leaders who lead from vision rather than fear. When people consult Karen, not only do they grow their revenue, but they gain strategies that improve their organizations forever.

In this episode…

A culture of philanthropy feels intangible—but desirable. Many nonprofits aren’t aware of how important it is to foster this culture in your organization or even how to create it. According to Karen Eber Davis, the culture of philanthropy is a collection of behaviors. To that aim, this demonstrates a collective mindset that everyone around the organization determines, to a large extent, the success of the organization. 

So, how would you know if your organization has a culture of philanthropy? And how do you build one if there’s none? 

Listen to this episode of the Philanthropy212 Podcast with Penny Cowden as she discusses the culture of philanthropy with Karen Eber Davis, a nonprofit consultant and President of Karen Eber Davis Consulting. They talk about what having a culture of philanthropy means, how to identify it, and build it in your nonprofit organization.